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“Adi madon” is a Malinke phrase meaning “it will bring us closer”

Abdoulaye Koita

a dance major at UNC-Greenville, whose attendance at the Kaloum Djembe Drum and Dance Conference was partially funded by Adimadon Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is to build connections in American communities by sharing the gifts of West African culture. Their vibrant rhythms, dances, songs and stories lift the hearts, bodies and spirits of anyone who engages, as they have been doing in the villages of West Africa for centuries.

The Adimadon Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 corporation dedicated to fostering performances, workshops, educational programs and related cultural events that increase awareness of and participation in West African music, dance and culture. A secondary aim is to expand access to these rich cultural experiences for youth, persons of color and those of less privilege. Our Foundation is committed to promoting a sense of harmony through engaged community. Research shows that participation in rhythmic music-making generates shared brainwaves and deep well-being.

Adimadon needs your support to spread the joy of these drum and dance traditions to all!